05 2015

"Warten auf den Durchbruch"

"Warten auf den Durchbruch"

In his article "Warten auf den Durchbruch" Dr. Jacek Drozak describes the situation of handling game theory in industry. Often it is exhausting to build a bridge between science and practice. Game theory struggles more than it should.

Drozak Consulting is one of the few consulting firms who is doing the bridging. We help our clients in succeeding their goals by using scientific insights. Read more here

05 2015

"Mehr Schlagkraft im Einkauf"

Mehr Schlagkraft im Einkauf

In this article from Beschaffung aktuell our Partner Dr. Thomas Romeiser describes his perception of succesful procurement.

"Mehr Schlagkraft im Einkauf" is the headline. Ideas and goals are presented to show how procurement departments can use potential optimally.

Read the article here.

04 2015

"Spieltheorie im Einkauf"

In edition 4/2015 of the magazine Beschaffung aktuell we published the article "Spieltheorie im Einkauf" that describes how to implement game theory in procurement processes. The article mainly focusses on GAIN, an approach that replaces common negotiations through innovative mechanism of game theory. It is explained which requirements need to be available and which achievements can be done with GAIN.

You can find the article here