Dr. Jacek Drozak

Managing Director

Born in 1962 in Breslau, Poland. Obtained a Diploma in Mineralogy from the University of Hannover and was conferred a PhD from the University of Dortmund. Since 1997, Managing Director of Drozak Consulting with headquarters in Berlin.










Michael Thon

Partner and President of Drozak Consulting Americas Inc., Head of HR
After several years in the autmotive industry, he is now our supply-chain-management and operational expert. His solid and wide-ranging experience is the result of numerous procurement projects conducted for international companies. Since 2010, year in which he joined Drozak Consulting, he has also become responsible for our subsidiary company, Drozak Consulting Americas Inc.



Thomas Keitel

With longtime consulting and senior line management experience in aerospace, defense and telco he supports since 2018 our clients in complex and challenging transformation- and cost reduction programs. He and his team are also leading our digital transformation initiative for our clients.



Olaf von Hoyningen

Associate Partner
Based on his long consulting experience, especially in the manufacturing industry, he specializes in cost-down programs and supply chain projects. Since joining us in 2012, he has managed various global consulting projects for international corporations and mid-size companies.