Digital Innovation

Enhancing your organization’s competitive situation through “Digital Innovation”


The field of "Digital Innovation" provides companies a variety of opportunities to improve their competitive situation in innovative ways. In addition to the common objectives of increasing efficiency and reducing complexity along the horizontal and / or vertical value chain, there are also opportunities regarding new business models and significantly improved product features and services. Translated into operational objectives, this provides positive effects between 10% and 30% in terms of reduced inventory, manufacturing, logistics, quality or maintenance costs. In terms of reducing complexity, expectations are higher.

A company’s digital innovation process needs to be customized in order to succeed. Rather than the 'fail open and fail fast' approach, we believe that an effective analysis of the initial situation of purchasing and operations is the right way to design a digitalization roadmap. We provide you with the tools, accurate planning and support the realization of the digitalization roadmap.



The "Digital Innovation" approach of Drozak Consulting supports the decision-maker and his/her organization through a structured approach to this topic. Based on the digital corporate strategy - or directly from the purchasing department - the definition of strategic digitization goals will be discussed. The evaluation and determination of the status in purchasing and operations vis-à-vis a suitable digitalization approach (through our World Class Procurement 4.0 method), the creation of an implementation schedule and the support of the implementation measures are achieved in a transparent and structured way using our Toolbox.

Due to the very heterogeneous approach of the companies with "Digital Innovation," the tools of Drozak Consulting have a deliberately modular structure and are individually adapted to the respective situation. For example, in dealing with "big data" (as part of the spend cube analysis), our experts work with common tools (R, Python) and, if necessary, software solutions from our IT partners. For daily use in the company, we have developed a concept for a “Negotiator-APP”, which we adapt together with our customers and roll out in the company.
Through our many years of experience in procurement and operations, we have learned and understood the context and the success factors of a variety of industries - we support the entire process as a "digital change agent and trusted advisor".


  • Definition of a digital business strategy
  • Perform a digitization assessment in purchasing and operations (World Class Procurement 4.0)
  • Determination of fields of action
  • Creation of an implementation roadmap
  • Implementation support / controlling (PMO)
  • Success Controlling