Drozak Consulting is a management consulting firm specializing in innovative methods for sustainable cost reductions and efficiency enhancements.

Since 1997 we advise numerous groups that are part of DAX and Dow Jones as well as international companies, medium-sized companies and public organizations. This includes worldwide cost reduction programs as well as efficiency enhancements along the entire Supply Chain or highly complex awarding procedures. Our unique combination of expert knowledge, international presence and years of experience enables us to achieve fast and measurable results and increasing profitability and efficiency of our customers significantly. Committed to results – our consulting approach, our work motto.

Our portfolioextends across four topics:

Procurement | Innovation | Supply Chain | Business Excellence



1997 - Drozak Consulting was founded in Berlin

2005 - Offices in Munich and Shanghai opened

2007 - Office in Warsaw opened

2008 - Drozak Consulting Americas Inc. was founded in Chicago

2011 - Expansion of portfolio – Game Theory was introduced with academic support

2012 - Chicago office moved to Pittsburgh

2014 - First edition of Drozak Consulting's quarterly magazine trend was published


Business Culture

We foster an open-minded, tolerant business culture, which focuses on all colleagues as individual people. This is definitely a key to success. To achieve the highest value for our clients and fullfill all potentials, we have established an environment in which our employees are satisfied and can develop freely within a framework of common conditions. To boost this potential we continuously invest in our team's culture. Personal roadmaps, a mentoring program, international events, and sports activities are just a few of our development initiatives.


Social Responsibility

We believe success goes hand in hand with social responsibility. This is why Drozak Consulting hosts social projects on a regular basis. Check out our news page for details.