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04 2017
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Once again Drozak Consulting will take part in the World Procurement Congress in London.

We look forward to fruitful and inspiring discussions.

Should you have any queries or require further information, please contact us at +49 30 306733-0.

06 2016
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With Drozak Consulting at the EPE – European Procurement Excellence

The EPE takes place on the 22nd June 2016 at the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski in Hamburg.

The EPE brings together leading Procurement Manager to discuss the challenges of Procurement and Supply Chain in the future. It is the chance to get in touch, gather inspirations and widen the horizon for possible business solutions.
Drozak Consulting will be part of that great event and provide business insights from innovative negotiation techniques.
We will be happy to meet you. For a pre-scheduled meeting with one of our consultants please contact us:

05 2016
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World Procurement Congress - 17th and 18th May 2016 - London

We are delighted to join the upcoming World Procurement Congress 16.

INSPIRING PROGRESS IN PROCUREMENT - Meet us at Stand Space Number 19.

To schedule individual meetings please contact us: or

04 2016
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Deutsche Bahn and Drozak Consulting towards 2020

Deutsche Bahn Procurement is heading towards 'world class procurement'

Deutsche Bahn is Europe's second largest carrier in the passenger transport market and the second largest freight transport and logistics provider worldwide.
Central procurement plays an important role in achieving the 'Zukunft Bahn' programme (Future of the railway) and in meeting today's and tomorrow's challenges.
To achieve the DB2020 group strategy, procurement has developed its own 'world class procurement' roadmap. Four central strategic directions will be part of this roadmap, see attached brochure for details or use
the following link:

Drozak Consulting is a long-established partner and consultant in procurement and logistics for Deutsche Bahn.

04 2015
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Procurement and logistic in Russia - trend Q2 - 2015

Procurement and logistic in Russia - trend Q2 - 2015

The second edition 2015 of our trend magazine covers the logistic relevance of russia for global companies.

Experts from Drozak Consulting describe the economic environment of russia's industry. Additionally opportunities and risks for russia as a logistical location are highlighted in an fascinating interview.

More information to this edition here

04 2015
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"Spieltheorie im Einkauf"

In edition 4/2015 of the magazine Beschaffung aktuell we published the article "Spieltheorie im Einkauf" that describes how to implement game theory in procurement processes. The article mainly focusses on GAIN, an approach that replaces common negotiations through innovative mechanism of game theory. It is explained which requirements need to be available and which achievements can be done with GAIN.

You can find the article here


01 2015
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2015 – first edition of trend in 2015- drive for purchase

2015 – first edition of trend in 2015- drive for purchase (EN)

What is to expect for the purchaser of 2015? - We show trends and developments in procurement. Furthermore we present criteria for procurement in construction work and give you insights about the changing role of the CPO.

Henceforward we talk about development of markets and intensify the exchange of information in our main topics procurement and logistics.

Trend magazine is published four times a year and is for download here

09 2014
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3. BME-Innovation day: Game theory in procurement

3. BME-Innovation day: Game theory in procurement

What are the advantages of using game theory in negotiations, assigments and auctions? Analytical and optimization models on a game theoritical basis won recognition in economy already. Especially in procurement processes there is a huge part of negotiations which can be used to maximise profits.

BME's 3rd Innovation day with Drozak Consulting as premium partner presented advantages in procurement process through game theory for managers from all kind of industries.